Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Live of Patrick White

Poems - Paintings - Patrick White

The poets from DiVerse read their works transcribed from the exhibition The Life of Patrick White in The Galleries of the State Library of NSW over three dates.

Tuesday 4 September 7 - 8pm
Sunday 9 September 2 - 3pm
Saturday 13 October 2 - 3 pm

Both art and poetry have been present throughout Patrick White’s extensive writing career. Although White’s poetry rarely gets a mention today, his novels are full of poetic and spiritual insights. The writing includes images and descriptions of the creative energies of the inner worlds of his characters, including the life of painter Hurtle Duffield in The Vivisector, a composite of several artists White knew. White was a great admirer of visual art and collected many artworks throughout his life, in particular the work of Australian artists. A number of these artworks inspired him in his writing.

The audience at Sunday the 9.9.2012 performance.

Marcelle Freiman reads a poem at the 13.10.2012 performance.

Sheryl Persson reading one her poems based on The Life of Patrick White. 4.9.2012