Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Light Lines

DiVerse at the S.H. Erving gallery for the Nora Heysen exhibition, Light & Life - 13th of December 2009

The paintings and drawings of Nora Heysen have inspired artists and students for many years, especially her exceptional finely crafted drawings. DiVerse have taken a selection of Nora Heysen’s artworks and transcribed them into poetry.

Nora Heysen is regarded as one of Australia’s premier portrait and still-life artists. Born in 1911, Nora Heysen, one of eight children, grew up surrounded by family and art. Heysen learnt to paint in the studio of her father, landscape artist, Hans Heysen. Her early works influenced by her father and by the Dutch masters, were concerned with form and substance and the effect of light on objects and colour.