Monday, May 22, 2006

Constable, Turning Visual Art into Poetry

Photo by Peter Hislop
Saturday 20th of May 2006. Anne Edgeworth, Carolyne Bruyn, Paula McKay, Sheryl Persson & Robert Kennedy of DiVerse, performed their specially written poetry during a unique one off event within the John Constable exhibition. Impressions of land, sea and sky. At the National Gallery of Australia.

These poets from DiVerse in a sold out performance gave the paintings of Constable a new voice and added another level as to how a visual art can be interpreted. An audience member commented that "they are writing and saying what I feel about the paintings" Another audience member was so thrilled with the performance he wanted to know when they were coming back.

This particular process of turning visual art into poetry (Ekphrasis) has gained a hold in galleries where DiVerse have performed, especially at the the Art Gallery of NSW with 13 performances there. They have had over 30 performances at galleries and museums in Australia.