Monday, June 16, 2008

Poetry Through Landscape

DiVerse have fallen in love with the artworks of John R Walker in ‘Journey through Landscape’. For the past two hundred years, a tradition of landscape painting and poetry has existed in Australia but Walker’s powerful and original visions of the landscape have inspired DiVerse to respond with a new voice.

Margaret Bradstock reads a poem to John R Walker in long brown coat, leaning against the wall. Other DiVerse poets and audience listen on.

Through their unique poetic interpretations of Walker’s fresh and enticing works of art, DiVerse have undertaken a journey of their own and added another contemporary level of interpretation of the hypnotic Australian landscape.

John R Walker has immersed himself in the Australian landscape since childhood and is now considered one of the leading practitioners of the genre. Although Walker is a five time Archibald Prize finalist for portraiture, landscape remains his first love.

DiVerse - 15th June 2008 at the S.H. Ervin Gallery